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Lunch and Tour at Corazón de Niña

Every Tuesday from November 7 to March 27, from 10 am – 12 noon, we welcome visitors to tour Corazón de Niña. Visitors enjoy a guided tour of the Corazón facility, hear the story of Corazón, and engage in discussion with the other visitors and staff.

A delicious brunch is offered as part of every tour. The brunch is prepared by our Corazón family.  We value these opportunities to empower our youth through life skills training.

Tour and Brunch – $200 MXN per person (minimum donation).

To reserve your tour:

Email us at

Or Call us at (322)  224  9209

Our Address: (please see the map here)

San Luis Potosi #355, Primero de Mayo
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco 48325

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