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Why Have Projects?

To give us focus

What you choose to focus on happens. Imagine the busi-ness of Corazón de Niña — forty plus children and youth, full of life, needing this, needing that. Each day there are a thousand little things to swallow time, at the expense of the big things, changes that once made, would make a huge difference to the quality of our lives at Casa Corazón.

Projects give us focus, a way of training our attention, our efforts and our resources on one idea to more quickly and effectively bring that idea to life. Yes, we could do better with our ‘Focus on Projects Approach’, but it does make a difference. Things get done. Yet there are other strong arguments for a projects approach:

To develop self-reliance

Donations will likely always be an important income stream for Fundación Corazón de Niña. However, we are coming to realize that for us to achieve a predictable and sufficient income that would allow us to  provide more fully for our kids and to expand Fundación Corazón de Niña operations, we need to generate income of our own. We simply cannot keep pressing our faithful supporters (you) for more and more money.

As well, self-reliance is a fundamental element of our child-rearing philosophy at Fundación Corazón de Niña. We believe it is critical for our kids to have a solid foundation of education, skills and experiences which will secure for them a comfortable, reliable income for life. Must then we not do the same for our organization?

To facilitate fundraising

Service clubs, corporations and many individuals love to support projects. They want to fund something that’s tangible, something you can see, feel, climb on, operate, eat, live in. Understandably. They work hard to raise funds. They want proof that their efforts will make a difference in people’s lives for years to come. Well conceived project proposals will help us to raise the funds we need to carry out projects that will (among other things) reduce our costs.

To provide learning opportunities

Projects are a great way to introduce our kids to important principles for successful living — self-reliance, entrepreneurship, planning, organizing people and materials, working to timelines, focusing one’s efforts and so on. Projects are ‘hands on,’ real life and easy for kids to get excited about, to ‘own.’

To reduce costs

For obvious reasons, this goal is important. Reducing costs moves us toward self-reliance; acquiring donations does not. All of our projects have a cost reduction goal.

To increase income

The primary goal of some projects, our Thrift Store, for example, is to make money. And make it through our own efforts which takes us back to ‘developing self-reliance.’

To promote health and well-being

There are lots of strategies we can and do employ to promote the health and well-being of our kids. This is such a fundamental part of personal change  for our kids. They MUST get healthy in body first, then healthy in mind and spirit as time allows. Change cannot happen in the absence of basic good health — nutritious food, exercise, love, fun, companionship and productive effort.

To achieve sustainable living

Sustainable living (and by that I mean ‘green’ living) touches most of the goals just discussed. Living green projects make sense in every way — by reducing cost, increasing self-reliance, promoting health and well-being, providing learning opportunities and of course, by making the world a better place.

Current Projects

Corazón School

Status: Started

This very exciting project got off to a great start this September 2017. Although we had much grateful support from local school systems, the arrangements were not without their difficulties. This year we decided to start our own school to pursue these objectives:

  •  control over how and what education is dispensed
  • better use of time and resources (no travel to/from several schools)
  • reduced costs (no uniforms or school fees)
  • control of quality of instruction
  • first hand knowledge of student’s progress

We have four hand-picked teachers. It is early yet, but we are ecstatic with the outcome so far.

Solar Electricity

Status: Completed

The cost of electricity from the grid in Mexico is astronomical. Our average monthly bill was $1500US — a huge burden for us. The Solar Project involved setting up multiple solar panels on our roof to reduce our reliance on outside power. The result: electricity costs have been reduced to $300 per month!

Corazón Thrift Shop

Status: Ongoing

The Corazón Thrift Shop operates out of separate premises. It receives and resells all manner of goods including furniture and appliances (small), decor, clothing, jewellry, kitchen ware and more. Volunteers including Corazón youth operate the shop and thanks largely to the foreign visitor community, it does well.


Status: Ongoing

Within Casa Corazón is a tortilleria. Machinery was purchased to make the tortillas. Two kinds of tortillas are made. They are packaged, labelled and sold in local stores. Again, Corazón youth provide the labour.

Humanitarian Tours

Status: Ongoing

Working with the hotels and Puerto Vallarta, we offer what we call Humanitarian Tours. Guests sign up through a hotel, the tour company or with us directly and visit Fundación Corazón de Niña to tour the facility and hear our story. On the second Tuesday of every month, an optional brunch is offered. The brunch is prepared by our girls and is available for an additional donation. Corazón receives a portion of tour proceeds. As a bonus, many guests become regular supporters of Corazón. For full details on our Humanitarian Tours please go to Tours on the top menu. Tours run every Tuesday from November to March (the tourist season).

Rooftop garden: Vida Verde (Green Living)

Status: Concept

Reducing our environmental footprint is good for the earth, good for Mexico and good for us — when we use less we spend less and others have more. As we ‘green’ our lives, we learn self-reliance, the art of living well with less and responsibility to our planet. With year-round sun in Puerto Vallarta things GROW here. Growing our own herbs and vegetables just makes sense. The plan calls for establishing a raised-bed roof-top garden similar to the one shown at page bottom.

Expected results:

  • lower food costs
  • a cooler house
  • sustainability demonstration opportunities
  • quality food from a known source

An image of ‘what will be’

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