Fundación Corazón de Niña

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Do you have paid staff at Fundación Corazón de Niña?

No. We have volunteers. Several of them receive a small honorarium but it is nowhere close to a living wage.  We have four women here who assist with school work and athletic programs.

Three of the women live with us in the house. They get their room and board and we have the convenience of having them close at hand, which works well.

We hire skilled tradesmen to do electrical, plumbing and construction work as necessary and when funding permits, as the house has required major expansion to accommodate so many people.

Again, it would make such a difference if we had more GEMS and/or Corporate Sponsors.



Academic Enrichment, Children & Youth

Dinora Gonzalez Lopez
Brenda Robles


Lupita Vargas



Cynthia Meza Gomez


Tania and Edith (Girls and Female Youth)
Dinora and Cynthia (Boys and Male Youth)

English Language Studies

Lynnette Fairclough

Youth Leaders

Rocio (Administration)
Cristina (Academic Liaison)
Tania, Pamela & Teresa (Little Tikes)
Juliana Rivera (Pet Care — Aves)
Lupita & Bella (Pet Care — Canine)
Alejandra (Recycling, Plant Care & Artistic Development)


These professionals devote considerable time to our children and youth, carrying out their services free of charge with the utmost expertise, good humor and respect. We invite you to add them to your own personal list of healthcare professionals and recommend them wholeheartedly.

Western & Homeopathic Medicine

Dr. Javier Baumgarten Rodriquez


Dra. Teresa de Jesus Valle

Psychotherapists (Holistic)

Jean Martín
Ignacio Cortés
Daria Rodríguez


Ofelia Godinez Prado

Speech Therapist

Maureen Priestley 


Dra. Alma Vargas

Love    Integrity    Family   Education

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