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Jane and John Krishon

May 2016. After attending a Corazón de Niña breakfast, we were intrigued and impressed by what Melissa and Juan were doing. We scheduled a visit to see how we could help. We saw the warmth and love that is so abundant and how happy the children are. We knew we wanted to be a part of this mission. We signed up to be GEMs and also volunteer – teaching English and sewing each week. These are special people and we love helping out. I tell Melissa that we are blessed so much every time we visit. She and Juan are truly achieving miracles.

Laura and John Hunter

May 2016. Laura Hunter was born in Atlanta, Georgia and has been living in Portland, Oregon for the last 14 years. She has been visiting the Puerto Vallarta area with her family for the last decade, and has made a commitment to the Corazon community, as her daughter, Jillian, is attending 9 th grade at the CampoVerde School in PV.

Laura has a passion for early childhood education, and has committed herself to helping less fortunate children throughout her life, from teaching mathematics to inner-city children in Atlanta two decades ago, to creating language and cultural learning opportunities for children in Mexico and Oregon through the establishment of pen-pal programs in the last few years.

At Corazón de Niña, Laura has been involved with organizing the children’s files, helping with community events, and spreading the word about the great work that Melissa and Juan are doing for 38 children of Puerto Vallarta.

Dianne Fahselt

May 2016. There are lots of things to do in Vallarta, but for me the best, by far, is being with the children. It’s amazing how responsive they are, and also how they develop and change over time. They seem to be almost perfect, yet before you know it they’ve improved! In no time at all beautiful babies become the most amazing small people…… with endearing core qualities that nevertheless persist regardless of how many birthdays there have been. The children are perceptive, loyal, responsible and honest far beyond what I would expect for their years and, on top of that, they look out for each other (usually!).

It’s very important that Corazon is focused on educational opportunities, and the children are encouraged to think about goals for their futures. The children are doing well in their schooling and moving along into higher classes, but at the same time they’re learning a variety of skills less formally. Much of this is right in the home environment. Their English is also improving.

Considering the obvious individual strengths and preferences of the children,it’s surprising to me that each is nevertheless so keen to experience such a wide range of different activities. They just seem to love learning. I really miss them when I’m not there, but at least I know they’re consistently well nurtured and well cared for.

Corky and Mitch Einzig

May 2016, Edina, Minnesota. Definition of an Angel—A typically benevolent celestial being that acts as an intermediary between Heaven and Earth. This is Melissa and Juan. If you save one child it is as if you saved the world.

Charlene Bailey Crowe

May 2016. I’ve been coming to Puerto Vallarta since 1978….only in 2004 was I able to fulfill my dream of living here part time. I’ve been involved with a few charitable organizations in the community but not until I walked into the Corazon door, met Melissa and Juan and then the children, did I find a place in PV that enamored my heart. Having been involved in altruistic endeavors most of my life, I have never seen one so carefully managed, so professionally administered and so full of care, compassion and the greater of all, love. It is truly a privilege for me to be but a tiny part.

I love you all. Char

Betty Gumbel Hibbs and Tom Hibbs

May 2016.My first experience of Corazon de Nina was hearing the girls sing at an event held at a restaurant on the island. Afterwards, Sandra came, sat next to me, and told me about her daughter, Melissa, and how Corazon was started. I was intrigued by what I was hearing. I began attending the humanitarian breakfasts on Tuesdays bringing with me whatever friends were in town.

I was and still am amazed at all that goes on at Corazon. I find this a true home. Melissa and Juan (mom and dad) are helping these children who have come from very difficult situations to be proud of who they are. They grow healthy not only physically but in many different areas. I feel privileged to be acquainted with this wonderful group.

Marlene Hosey

April 2016. I believe that the mission of Corazon de Nina is of upmost importance and I see that a very positive family life has been established for children who were not able to have this life in their former environments. It is crucial for a child to have a supportive life to allow them to grow into productive and caring individuals. The progress that Corazon de Nina has made in just only 4 years is truly impressive. I decided to contribute to this cause to allow this progress to continue and to allow the children to grow in this loving environment.

Janet Bilgischer-Sewell

June 2016. We had such a wonderful time visiting the girls and Melissa today! This is such an amazing home! Very impressed with every aspect and will definitely continue to support! What a blessing Melissa is to these young ladies. Hugs to all!

Craig Riley

June 2016. Melissa and Juan provide not just a house and safety and education, but a home, a family and love for these girls.

Alondra Marcelina Perez Hernandez

May 2014. Pues es genial y te apoyan en todo y te quieren como q si fueras sus hijos de verdad genial.


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