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Thank you for your interest

Thank you for expressing an interest in hosting a fundraising event for the benefit of Corazón de Niña (Corazón) children and youth. We welcome your efforts on our behalf as we are perpetually in need of funds to maintain our home which now has over thirty high-need children.

We’ve learned a thing or two

We have, however, had some unfortunate experiences with groups pretending to raise money for us, then not conveying the proceeds. We have therefore put in place  a set of responsibilities which the host (perhaps you) contractually agrees to fulfill in order to use our name for fundraising purposes. Corazón has responsibilities too. Those mutual responsibilities, the application form and the contract can be found below.

The Host’s Responsibilities

The host’s responsibility is to carry out all organizational and operational aspects of the event as follows:

  • Protect the integrity of Corazón
  • Adhere to all rules, regulations and laws
  • Limit service of alcoholic beverages to avoid patron intoxication
  • Refuse entry to intoxicated persons; remove intoxicated persons
  • Ensure patrons remain within the designated venue area
  • Enforce restrictions on noise and smoking
  • Meet health regulations for food preparation, storage and service
  • Ensure event start and finish times occur as agreed
  • Leave the premises clean, orderly and secure
  • Provide Corazón with a copy of the signed ‘walk-through’ agreement
  • Assume sole responsibility for damages and/or injuries resulting from the failure to effectively enforce the terms of this agreement and and/or all rules, regulations and laws that apply to the hosting of the event
  • Present to Corazón funds from advance ticket sales, expense receipts and ticket tally sheets prior to the event

Corazón’s Responsibilities

  • Have at least two representatives present at the event
  • Provide a welcoming, helpful presence at the door
  • Approve all expenses and promotional materials
  • Manage/oversee ticket sales and distribution
  • Ensure funds from ticket sales are secure at all times
  • Carry out the accounting and disbursement of funds on the day/night of the event
  • Meet the negotiated terms of the contract
If you would like to host an event, please call us and thank you for your interest.

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