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Melissa, can you speak to how religion does or does not play a role in Corazón de Niña?


We are a family at CDN and just like so many families all over the world, our aim is to lead spiritual lives.  Although we do not pressure anyone to engage in any particular spiritual activity – they all at different points in their healing process look to God for guidance, unconditional love and ultimately salvation – this is a wonderful thing and we support them in this quest.  Being that we live in Mexico which is predominantly Catholic – so far this has been the religion of choice for all our children.


On Fridays, two women come to Corazón de Niña each week to provide bible study for those that wish it.  Saturday mornings half our kids attend catechism.  About one third attend a Catholic private school that has been very generous with scholarships for our girls from day one (pre-September 2017). And, our teens attend a youth prayer group on Saturday evenings and mass on Sunday.  We say a prayer at meals and bedtime and most of our children attend church twice a week. We have many supporters who belong to different christian churches and we pray together with the girls when they visit us – this is a wonderful thing!

The important aspect of this topic is spirituality. Religious practice is a personal choice and we do leave that to each child but faith itself is an essential element of being fully human and being one with the Universe.

Is Corazón de Niña affiliated in any formal way with the Catholic Church. In other words, is Corazón de Niña financially supported and/or governed by the church?


No. First of all, the Catholic Church in Puerto Vallarta does not financially support any non-profit that we are aware of.  We are entirely independent and that will never change. As a non-profit in Mexico we must never affiliate ourselves completely with any particular church or political party.  In other words, we must remain non-partisan.

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