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When you click the ‘Donate’ button you will be taken to a secure PayPal payment page to complete your donation. There you will have the choice to make a One-Time Donation or a Monthly Donation. To make a monthly donation, fill in the amount, then CHECK THE BOX that says ‘Make this recurring (monthly)’

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The Value of Becoming a G.E.M. — A Give Every Month Supporter

Hanging by a Thread

Imagine, for a moment, having to feed and provide for your family each month with no predictable income of any kind. No pay check, no social assistance, nothing. Every day of every month, what you and your children eat depend on your efforts to somehow secure enough money for your family to survive.

That is the daunting challenge which faced Melissa and Corazon de Nina  when Melissa first took in thirteen teenage girls. There was no pay check, there was (and still is) no assistance from the state. There was barely enough to eat. Every day, Melissa had to use her wits, courage and determination to put food on the table.

The Challenges Continue

Those desperate times are in the past. Although now there are more than thirty-five mouths to feed, clothe and school. And still, a large portion of Corazon de Nina’s income is in the form of one-time donations. We love you, one-time donors, for your generosity. We could not have survived without you and you will always be invaluable and precious to us.

Monthly Giving — Funds We Can Count On

Yet there is another way to donate that makes such a difference to our ability to plan and provide our emotionally challenged children with critical services and experiences they need to begin a normal life.

That is monthly giving. With a predictable monthly income, we can sign up for services with on-going fees, buy clothes for five children this month knowing we can do the same for another five children next month, pay monthly for expensive utilities and so on.  Monthly giving is money we can count on, a regular pay check. What a difference it makes to our quality of life and our sanity!

Giving Monthly with Friends and Family

Why not get together with family members, your book club, your service club, your school, your gardening group, your co-workers or a few of your friends and commit to making a monthly donation. If each of you in a group of, say fifteen, put in only five dollars a month, that’s a seventy-five dollar a month donation — a huge help to Corazon de Nina. Small actions by many make a big difference in the lives of our kids.

Please Consider Becoming a G.E.M.

We call monthly donors G.E.M.S. — Give Every Month Supporters. G.E.M.S. provide us with incalculable relief – both financial and emotional! We thank you for your donation, regardless of kind or amount. It is so appreciated. And if you are not a G.E.M. already, we do ask you to consider becoming one. Even small monthly donations give us huge comfort.

Warm regards, Melissa and Juan

Payment Options

To pay with a major credit card

On the PayPal page, find the section ‘Don’t have a PayPal account?’ and press ‘continue.’

To pay with your PayPal account

On the PayPal page, click the button in the box ‘Log into PayPal’

Tax Receipts

Fundacion Corazon de Nina A.C. will issue tax receipts to US taxpayers for donations of $25USD or more. To receive a tax receipt, please email us the following information to:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Date of Donation
  • Donation Option (One-time or Monthly)
  • Amount of Donation

Monthly donors (GEMs) will receive a tax receipt in January/February for total donations made in the previous year. Thank you.


Another Way to Donate:

Include a bequest in your will:

We invite you to consider including a bequest to Corazón de Niña in your will.  If you would like to explore this option, please contact the President, Melissa Canez, who is happy to answer your questions and discuss ideas about how you could design your bequest to best fit with your interests and ours.

Please contact the President

Thank You

Thank you for helping to ensure a bright future for our wonderful children and youth. We are so grateful. And welcome to the Corazón community!

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