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Thanks for stopping by Casa Corazón. My name is Melissa Canez, I am the President and Co-founder of FUNDACION Corazón de Niña which I run with my life partner and Co-founder, Juan Meza. I’ll be your guide today.

Modest Beginnings

Casa Corazón was originally a two bedroom one story bungalow in a modest neighbourhood of Puerto Vallarta. It belonged to my mother whose intention was to use it as a snowbird escape from cold Canadian winters. However, when I brought home thirteen teenage girls one day from the shuttered orphanage down the road, everything changed (see Our Story).

In short order I was obliged to construct an addition to the home, a building project that continued over the next several years as funds became available and as the number of children climbed.


When we purchased the main house, it had two bedrooms and three bathrooms. We’ve since added a second story which provides two more bedrooms, a fourth bathroom, a large multi-purpose room and an office. Construction is now complete (November 2014) except for some finishing work.

So although our space is vastly more livable than it was, it is still a great challenge for all of us to live together here. It requires us to be well organized, selfless and collaborative. Believe me, our girls are team players in training.

Well then, please come in…(click on the image)”

Love    Integrity    Family   Education

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